Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blue, Beads and Birks

Well. I'm feeling rather relieved that today's outfit - also not tried on the night before, like most of my ensembles - worked!
I love this blue dress. It's layered with my grey cami (sequins at the neckline), and my black tie-front cardigan (I also have a slip on underneath for extra warmth, as it freakin' snowed last night! Arg! Stop with the winter already!).

The feature item is the beaded belt. This is hand-beaded (glass beads) on a silk backing and has black, blue, red, white and grey in it, so I just pulled colours out for the outfit.

The stuff:
The red Fluevogs, the red and silver earrings, the black beaded cuff, all against the backdrop of the blue dress.

Oddly, the belt is labeled "Henry Birks" with the Birks crest, but Birks is a huge jeweller in Canada; they don't do clothing items. I'm guessing that perhaps back in the 80s (?) they did some beaded bags and belts.
Weird. I bought it on the weekend for $20 in a consignment shop.

Dress (Mac and Jac), cami (RW & Co.), cardigan (Vero Moda), belt (Henry Birks), shoes (Fluevogs), earrings (made by Alicia, gift), bracelet (Le Chateau).


  1. I really love this. The dress is a great color, the beaded belt is gorgeous, and the shoes are fab. Just so pretty!

  2. This ensemble is absolutely lovely. It more than makes up for the Supergirl escapade.

  3. Back on top! I love the colour of the dress and the style and colour of the shoes.

  4. Love this!!! And your belt is gorgeoous. Plus, you wore it w/ bold red shoes. simply gorgeous :-)

  5. Hah! I read the post title and imagined you in Birkenstocks ... I was so curious to see that.

    Glad you're feeling more stylistically successful today. You do, indeed, look sumptuous in this dress.

  6. Thanks, Hillary!

    Cat, haha, thank goodness.

    Jane, thanks!

    Lady D, glad you like it.

    Sal, oh my god, I would never wear Birkenstocks, ha! Ugh, they are the ugliest shoes on the planet. Thank you for the kind words.


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