Sunday, February 15, 2009

Special Occasion: Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone had a love-filled V-Day! L and I always go out for dinner, but this year he suggested the opera as well. Sure! Why not!

This is what I wore:
And that's my little gift from L: "Pretty in Pink" (the "Everything's Duckie" edition). Love that movie.

I love this dress too, but I haven't worn it in nearly 2 years. I just kind of forgot about it, I guess. It's lovely, though - the classic "What Not to Wear" dress! Stacy and Clinton would be so proud. I bought it when I was in NYC with Mom a couple of years ago - it's from Filene's Basement.

The stuff:

The brooch and clip-on earrings are vintage, from Grandma J's collection. They aren't marked, but they are well-worn, so I know they were loved. The bracelet was Mom's - also not marked, but likely from the early 60s as well, I think.

Anyway, dinner was fabulous: a shared antipasto plate (cheeses and pickles and olives and prosciutto), lobster Thermidore, and creme brulee for dessert. And a champagne cocktail and wine, of course! Good thing we walked there and back! I had shoes in my bag and just changed whenever we arrived somewhere.

The opera was awful. It was Handel's "Semele" - it sounded interesting from the reviews, but ugh. Nothing happened! Just a lot of singing and the costumes were dull. L and I were both nodding off, our seats were cramped and by the time we hit intermission, we just looked at each other and said, "Let's blow." It felt so liberating.

Dress (Eliza J, New York), shoes (Jessica Simpson), brooch & earrings (Grandma J), bracelet (Mom's).


  1. Ooo so pretty. Too bad about the opera. But sounds like you both had a nice evening anyway. Love the mix of greens in the jewelry and dress.

  2. That dress is AWESOME! The color is one of my faves and looks particularly good with your hair. I also love how you used the pin at the waist, too.

    You look smashing!

  3. This is truely a beautiful dress Sheila! I just love the jewellery! I could also see the dress paired with Aubergine accessories and shoes! Pity about the opera!

  4. Thanks, Alison!

    Kayleigh, thanks - I love the colour. It was also available in purple and black, but the green just spoke to me.

    Mervat: I've actually done this with purple accessories before!

  5. You look fantastic in that dress and that color. I Love it!! And Pretty In Pink, one of my faves too :-)

  6. Love the purple and green together. Divine!
    Sorry the opera was less-than-stellar. :(

  7. Thanks, Lady D and Tessa! Leigh-Anna, those are actually brown pumps. No purple in this outfit.

    Eh, it's okay. I spent my time with my sweetie, which is really what it was all about. And now it makes a good story.

  8. AKKKK!!! WHY haven't you worn that dress???! It is drop-dead gorgeous on you!!
    *shaking her head*

  9.'s been worn several times to parties - everyone I know has seen it! That's why it's getting into the rotation again - it's been a couple of years.

  10. That dress is awesome - you're right, it's very WNTW!

  11. That dress is perfect. Totally WNTW. Wow I love it!


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