Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just For a Laugh

Honestly, after today's catastrophic Bad Outfit, I need several.

If you have never been to Go Fug Yourself, you must. It is hilarious. This is one of my very favourites: you will never be able to look at Karl Lagerfeld (or Salma Hayek) again without cracking up.

And since I've found this site, I have been visiting daily. Need a laugh? Browse the entire archives of Cake Wrecks, or just check out the fan favourites.

Enjoy, lovelies! Juice the truth!


  1. Again, thank you for introducing me to Go Fug Yourself. My personal favorite is this dialog between Kanye West and Mischa Barton:

    Oh Kanye, how I love thee and thy sunglasses.

  2. I've always enjoyed Fug, although I think they can be too mean at times (all in good fun though). I LOVE Cake Wrecks, for some reason I think it's one of the funniest things online!!

  3. My favourite cake wreck is still the No Sexual Harassment cake. Oh My Gawd.


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