Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Taking Requests/Answering Questions

As of tomorrow (Thursday) morning, I am off to visit my inlaws for a couple of days, then this weekend I will be watching football playoffs (go, Carolina!) and generally slacking about. And I'll be off work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, hanging around the house and trying to remember where I left my sanity (is it in the library? is it under the chesterfield?).

So here's your chance: I'm taking requests and/or answering questions.

Want to see a particular item in my closet? An accessory? What would I wear for X occasion? Fashion queries? How much is that doggie in the window?

Fill your boots! Have at me! Give me your best! No question too silly or request too outrageous (Caveat: If I don't like your question or request, I will say so. Nothing rude or unseemly, please - my young nieces check out Auntie's blog.).



  1. Ooo, I have a thought. How about utilizing summer dresses or skirts in the winter? I just picked up a cute shift dress in brown with a white outline banana leaf pattern. It's really cute but the leaf pattern seems summery to me. hmm, I may have more challenges for you later... stay tuned.

  2. Here is a question for you:

    What a good "rule of thumb" accessory matching such as belts, shoes, necklaces, bangles, etc...

    Belt to match shoes?
    Accessories to all match?

    I am trying to add more pizzaz to my outfits... and my first step was to try the "high waisted belt" look, and beyond that - I'm lost!


  3. Hey, I was wondering how you lost so much weight, but more importantly how you've managed to keep it off, you look great!

  4. Have fun on your little getaway!

    My question(s):
    How did you transition from a metalhead of yore to the stylish fashionista you are today? What was the catalyst for your change? Do you ever regret changing or wish you could go back?

  5. No questions here just a HUGE Thank You! I have been on hiatus from my blog for the last couple weeks and I just got the award that you gave me. Thank you again and I'll be back in the saddle starting next week.

  6. Awesome questions! Thanks!

    I'm going to deal with each of these separately, and in individual posts. Post #1 today: Alison's.


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