Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It Came From Dress Week - Blue and Grey...and the Return of the Stinky Boots!

I have been saving this dress to wear for my next dress week since I got it over a month ago. I got it cheapy-cheapy on a clearance rack at the Bay, I think for about $20 (for Mac and Jac? Get out!). It had a stain on the front, but I bought it anyway.

I have this fabulous stain remover called Folex - it gets all stains out of fabric except for hair dye and nail polish. You may have noticed the cream wall-to-wall carpeting in my home...and I have 2 black cats who like to vomit, thanks, boys. Folex took a full glass of red wine out of my friend Michael's white linen shirt, with not a mark on it, I kid you not! And it's non-toxic and pet/child safe - and it even removes old, set-in stains. I take a bottle of it to friends' houses instead of a bottle of wine. You need Folex - I buy it at the grocery store for about $10 for a giant bottle.

But I digress.

Anyhoo, the stain came out in the wash, so here's the dress:
I'm wearing the cami underneath that I wore under my long Christmas party dress. The dress came with a self-tie, but I don't really like those very much. I got cold later in the day (the snow is gone and now it is Torrential Downpour Season aka Real Winter on the West Coast), so I put on my new jacket:
The jacket looks better done up. It's also Mac & Jac, also from a clearance rack at the Bay.

These boots stink! Seriously, I think I will die of some sort of PVC poisoning. I wore them in the rain on the way home (had to bus since I have aikido tonight) hoping the rain would make them un-stinkify, but no.

By the way, forgive my horrid hair from the last few days; like I said, it's been raining.

Dress (Mac & Jac), Jacket (Mac & Jac), Boots (some cheap-ass brand that I can't remember the name of and has worn off the inside and I can't be bothered to look up from another post), cami (RW & Co.), belt (Plum), earrings & bracelet (gift from L for my last birthday).


  1. Damn, lady, you look HAWT. That dres is a fantastic cut and color on you. Double whammy! And I seriously need to look into this Folex business ...

  2. That blue is amazing on you!

    Thanks for the tip about Folex. I'm going to have to check it out- between the dogs and the cat there's an endless array of stains on our cream/beige carpet.

  3. Thanks, ladies! Glad the Folex tip is helpful.


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