Monday, January 5, 2009

It Came From Dress Week - Black and White and Red in Places

Following the last episodes of Dress Week ("Dress Week" last May and "Return of Dress Week" in September), the next two weeks will be "It Came From Dress Week". Eventually, I'm sure I'll get to "Son of Dress Week" and "I Was a Teenage Dress Week".

"It Came From Dress Week" will be spread over two weeks, since I'm off on Thursday to visit my inlaws, then I'm taking Monday to Wednesday off next week to recover from said visit.

New dress acquired in the Last Gasp Shopping Spree of '08 - your basic black with a few cute little pin-tucks on the neckline.

A close-up of the bits of red:
Wee! I like red! It's my favourite colour.

Dress (Style & Co.), jacket (Smart Set), belt (Plum), shoes (Nine West), bracelet and earrings (yes, they are!), patterned nylons (Hue).


  1. Love the red too! I can't wait to wear my new red shoes! I'll blog them soon! I just have to find the right outfit to wear with them!


  2. I love the patterned nylons with the checked jacket!

    (Also...the suggested die for!)

  3. Lovely! Red and black is such a classic combo.

  4. lol. at the title! And you look great as always!

  5. Katie: I've had them for a couple of year. Can't wait to see your red shoes! And, hey, red goes with everything!

    Leigh-Anna: I am totally grooving on the textured hose lately. Ha, glad you like my titles.

    Thanks, Sal and Lady D!

  6. Ok, the whole "Dress Week" and "Son of Dress Week" etc just cracked me up, LOL! (also funny to me was that you need two days to recover from your inlaw visit -- heck, it'd take me a full week!)

    That jacket is super, love those checks -- and I really like the touches of red...they add such a great richness to the outfit :)

  7. This outfit inspired both my roommate and I yesterday. My roommate, Theresa, happened to where a black and white skirt (same pattern as your jacket) with a black sweater and black tights. She was going to wear black boots, but I suggested the red shoes (inspired by this outfit) and she went for it.

    Then, I was inspired to create my own outfit (pictures to follow). Fortunately, Theresa and I do not work in the same office.

  8. Kayleigh: actually, I will require 5 days to recover - we leave tomorrow morning and we're home on Saturday morning. Ha!

    Thanks for the compliments. I love the jacket.

    Cat: that's awesome! I hope Theresa got lots of compliments - nothing better than a pop of red. Can't wait to see your outfit.


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