Thursday, January 22, 2009

Old Lady Sunshine

Whenever I wear yellow, I feel happy. After yesterday's dark, I really wanted to be lighter inside as well as outside.

This is such a nice outfit: I love the shape of the cardigan and the little kick-pleat at the back of the skirt. The skirt is a green silk and wood tweed - so warm! And after a long spell of heels, time for some flats:
Well, flats for me - they're a kitten heel. I really love all the details in this outfit: the glitzy shoes (zebra, green piping, crown badge, oh my!), the mink vintage brooch, the leaf-themed charm bracelet, and the vintage cocktail ring.

The ring and the brooch are new, from a consignment store and an antique shop, respectively. When I was about 8, my grandmother gave me an old brooch of hers - it was a mink poodle with a cream velvet body and little black beady eyes. I loved it, it was so soft. But it went through the wash by accident and it was gone. I've never seen another mink brooch since.

This is my noisy bracelet - it chimes and rattles while I walk around the office.

Cardigan (no label, consignment), cami (Esprit), skirt (Precis Petite), shoes (Hale Bob), bracelet (can't remember), earrings (Avon), brooch (vintage, $7.50) and ring (Sarah Coventry, vintage, $20).


  1. Oh I love this outfit, it's so bright and beautiful!!

  2. I agree that outfit is like a ray of sunshine and the colour suits you - I struggle with yellow!
    I love the silhouette you have created today - long and lean and fun!

  3. Yet more great shoes! Love the crown detail. And I agree that wearing yellow is the perfect antidote to gloom of ALL sorts.

  4. So pretty. I love yellow. I have been trying to find a yellow cardi I can afford for a while now. Yours is lovely.

  5. I COVET that mink brooch. The flower brooch against a yellow cardigan gives the outfit such a cheery, sunny look.

  6. Thanks, MS!

    Jane, I just love yellow, always have. But you look so good in pink and on me...vile!

    Heh, Sal, I thought of you when I picked them out.

    WWWYG: I found this cardi in a consignment shop for around $20.

    Thanks, Wendy!

    Cat, isn't it divine? I have been looking for a hat (like your cloche) to wear it on.

  7. I think I've said this before, but you look really good in soft yellow! It's one of my favorite colors for outfits and decorating--my bedroom is yellow and fern green. :)

  8. In the past, i bought all of my hats at the now defunct Marshal Fields. Macy's might have a good selection. I actually have quite the collection of hats. I need to start featuring them more on the blog.

  9. Thanks, Erica. Yeah, I love yellow for decorating too.

    Cat, we don't have Macy's in Canada. I checked the Bay (the Hudson's Bay Company, a large department store), but I think I'll need to go to my favourite specialty boutique for the right hat. I have quite a few hats - I always forget to wear them.


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