Thursday, January 15, 2009

It Came From Dress Week - Rust and Turquoise

Oh, God, I need to not see that Grade 8 picture of me...quickly, put a new post up!

Theme week part 2: It Came From Dress Week returns! All dresses!

This dress is proof why you should disregard sizing labels and just buy what fits you:
That's an XL dress! I've bought fitted dresses by the same brand in a Small. Thank goodness I ignored the size and looked at the dress to see how big it actually was (not very, definitely not an XL, not that there's anything wrong with XL). To really highlight the ridiculousness of sizing, the belt is an XS and the jacket is a Gap size 2 (so, like a Real Size 6, which is what I typically am).

The boots are new (pre-shopping resolution, of course), as is the faux leather belt.

At first I was going to just wear the dress, but when I was planning the outfit last night, I realized I'd freeze if I didn't have a jacket in the office. Brown was okay...meh. But when I decided to go opposite on the colour: wow!
I loooove turquoise/brown/orange together! The springboard for the turquoise (I have a turquoise cami on under the dress as well) was the gorgeous jewelry L got me for Christmas:
Okay, you may have figured out that I'm All About The Details. It's hard to see in the above picture, but if you click on it and look at the earrings, the little ball between the links of the top and bottom half actually has a teeny-tiny peace symbol on it.

Even the backs of the earrings are amazing (the necklace also has a filigree back): they say "Love" in scrolly writing:
A close-up of the belt and boots as well. Are those not fab boots? They were only $69 on sale - real leather! I wanted a pair of brown sort of riding boots, and the next closest boots that I liked were over $300. Glad I kept looking!

Dress (Le Chateau), cami (InWear), jacket (Gap, consignment), belt (Le Chateau), boots (Miz Mooz), jewelry (Lucky Brand, gift from L).


  1. Wow, I love that color combination, well done!

  2. What an amazing outfit! Love the colors, and the jewelry goes perfectly...Lucky jewelry is great. They are having a huge 1/2 off sale now, and it's so hard not to go scoop more things up.

  3. I love these colors! I totally agree with you about forgetting the labels. My sizes are all over the place, but most of them fit (unless I lose more weight).

  4. What find - the boots and the dress.
    The colours really suit you.

  5. Wow is right! Love those bright, contrasting colors.

  6. love love love the boots... i am having such trouble finding boots i like, can afford and fit me :(

  7. My Shenanigans and WendyB: thanks!

    Erica: I love their jewelry - I checked back at the store where L got this set, but there was hardly anything left.

    Hillary: it took me a long time to get over the size thing - good for you for going for fit over that number.

    Thanks, Jane and Sal!

    Hi, kate, and welcome! Have you tried Zappos online? They have pretty much everything if you're a difficult size.

  8. Great color combination. I have been experimenting with complementary colors myself. My co-hort, Lisa, has always loved mixing pink and green, turquoise and salmon, etc. Way to make a bold statement with that jacket.


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