Sunday, January 18, 2009

Special Occasion - Casual Lunch and Dinner

I like to be casual but with a bit of an edge when I go out on the weekend. We usually do lunch out on Saturday, but I generally don't take a picture since it's "just casual". Since we did dinner last night as well as lunch, and I wore the same thing both times, here's the outfit:
I wore this jacket a lot last year, but it's gone by the wayside a bit for work-wear. I love this skirt. Same tights I wore on Friday.

The accessories:
Jacket (Guess), turtleneck (Smart Set), skirt (Kensie, consignment), tights (Mondor), boots (Cougar), ring (Nine West), earrings (don't remember).


  1. "casual but with a bit of an edge "

    Me too. Sometimes I feel like I have to work way too hard at it and give up and go with jeans ana tee, and I am ALWAYS uncomfortable and feel frumpy.

    You look fabulous, I love the jacket.

  2. Yup, sometimes the effort of putting something together that's half-decent elludes me, although I will make that effort if people other than my husband are going to see me.

    I will admit to grocery shopping in my workout clothes, but I'm usually on the way home from work (I walk both ways).

    Thanks, and welcome!

  3. I really like that skirt. I've been looking for a cool corduroy skirt. Hopefully, I'll find one someday. I love the burgundy tights with the gray. That is a real fun combo.

  4. Love that pop of color from the tights - such a great way to elevate a fairly monochromatic outfit.

  5. i like your casual w/ a bit of edge look! You rock it very well.

  6. Thanks, Alison and Sal! The tights are my lazy way of making the outfit a little more special.

    Aw, thanks, Lady D!


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