Saturday, January 3, 2009

Casual Friday - A Rockin' New Year Begins!

*yawn* Back to work. Can you see the disinterest on my face?

At least it was a quiet day. After work, we headed out to the skating rink for some fun with friends and their kids, followed by wine and appies. Another late night.
The t-shirt is a new item, from the Last Weekend of Shopping (see my sidebar for my Fashion Resolution for 2009). I love that it has glittery stones on it. It also says "Rocker" - hee! Although I think that immediately disqualifies one as being a rocker. Oh the shame.

T-shirt (Libertalia), long sleeved t-shirt layered underneath (Point Zero), jeans (Esprit), boots (Cougar), belt (gift from Ruth), white gold hoop earrings (gift from L).


  1. I love the t-shirt and am heartened to see your Fashion Resolutions.
    Can you enlighten me - what is a consignment store?

  2. your news years resolution makes no sense. why ever put limits on your fashion, its a art not a science...

  3. Kayleigh: Thanks!

    Jane: A consignment store is a second-hand store that only takes fairly new or items that are in good condition (unlike thrift stores which tend to have fairly ratty stuff). You take in your old clothes, they put them on sale for you - if they sell, you get money or credit in the store in exchange. If they don't sell, you either take them back or they donate them. My favourite consignment store buys outright for either cash or credit.

    Iain: As you're new, and I guess other people reading this might be as well, I'll explain in a post. Thanks for commenting, and FYI, in general, I do agree with you.

  4. What a cool tee! You rock the casual look.

  5. Thanks, Erica - that's funny, since I've never felt comfortable in casual.


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