Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I may have mentioned before that I walk to and from work Monday to Thursday...this means that by the time I take my picture, I've had to change out of my work clothes, into my walking clothes, and then back into my work clothes for the photo. It's a bit of a pain - and I really look forward to Friday or special occasions when I have fresh hair and makeup!

If I look a little rumpled, especially in the winter when it's rainy/snowy/windy/freakin' cold, it's because this is what I look like mere minutes before:
Ah! It's Crazy Walking Lady! Believe me, no one messes with me when I'm in transit.

Toque to keep my ears warm, hooded child's snowboard parka with kazillions of pockets, lined weatherproof pants to keep the rain off my legs (and absorb splash from the cars), scarf, gloves, and hoodie and t-shirt underneath it all. Plus, my Zen Creative mp3 player for tunes, and of course, my backpack (complete with reflective stickers so I don't get hit by a car when it's dark out.). The strange bulge on my body is the container from my baby carrots - it is not my boob.

This is what's in the backpack (I've removed my Ginormous Lunch Bag):
Bag o' shoes and bag o' clothes:
The bags are waterproof in case it rains. This is why I try not to buy fabrics that wrinkle.

And here I am, all dressed in today's outfit:
Strangely, my coworker Nicole wore nearly the identical outfit to this yesterday. I don't love this look on me, but I like playing around with the menswear look. Plus, I adore these pants...hmmm, my legs look very muscly in these too.

The accessories & the boot:
I love this necklace, the unevenness of the two sides, the thick chain, the black suede half. I talked a friend into buying it because I loved it so much (and thought it would look great on her), but she never wore it and eventually gave it to me. So nice - thanks, Cindy!

I'm not listing my outerwear brands. If you want to know, ask.

Shirt (Bianca Nygard), vest (Oxmo), pants (Club Monaco, consignment), boots (eh, some cheapy brand), necklace (Nine West, gift from Cindy), crytal stud earrings.


  1. Wow! That's amazing! I walk to work too, but it's not as cold here so my tights, hat, coat, and walking shoes usually get the job done so I don't have to change. You're like SuperWorkWoman!

  2. I love those pictures - thanks for sharing.
    Having seen the size of the bag I think you burn more calories carrying it than the actual walking!
    The pants are great although my legs are too short to get away with that length.
    Hope the weather gets warmer for you soon.

  3. You have inspired me to start walking to work - and to get back to Weight Watchers!! At the moment it is summer here so clothing not an issue, just shoes - but come winter it can be very wet and I did wonder how much I would have to carry with me and how much I could wear! Also, while I am not asking you to share too much personal stuff (!! ;-)), I do worry about getting hot and, ahem, sweating! I can't shower at work.

    Anyway, I will be giving it a go now, thanks for the inspriation!

    Great outfits too!

  4. You are HARD CORE, lady! I admire your dedication - both to warmth and waterproofiness, AND to looking good once you've stripped off all the outer trappings. Rock on!

  5. Great to see your dedication! I live to far away from work to walk, but I have a great place to walk at work. (once the snow melts)

    Can you believe I've known people who drive to work even though they are only a couple of blocks away!

  6. I have to agree w/ the other ladies, you are hardcore and amazing! And i think your outfit looks great.

  7. That is sooooo cool! You look like you're about to climb Mt Everest, lol -- and then POOF, you are civilized, stylish career woman :D


  8. Thanks, everyone! You guys are all so nice.

    I get really tired of changing my clothes all the time! Warmer weather is definitely going to be welcome.

    Jane, I'm short too: only 5'4". I find most workout pants are really short, for some reason.

    Leanne: welcome, and go for it! I actually dress a little lighter than what would keep me warm, so that a) I walk briskly to stay warm and b) I don't get sweaty by the time I get to work. I do keep deodorant in my desk, though. I also shed layers (hat, scarf, hoodie) if I need to.

    Alison: I totally believe it. It boggles me that people won't walk a short distance.


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