Friday, January 23, 2009

Casual Friday - Dress & Jeans Virgin No More!

Okay, so I have been reading fashion blogs for a year now, and I've admired people like Jane who wear a dress with jeans. Until now, I've been chicken to do it myself.
I felt so...daring. I found this great dress in a thrift shop while visiting my in-laws a few weeks ago - I know it's a dress (as opposed to a tunic) because I actually used to own this same dress in purple! I bought it new about 10 years ago when I was heavier. I love the rich dark red and the cut and length just seemed right with these jeans.

I felt great in it this look all day and got lots of compliments.

No close-up of the accessories, since I kept them to a dull roar today. Just plain black ankle booties, the groovy necklace and plain white gold hoops.

A little surprise was hiding in the corner of my picture when I went to crop:
Aw! Kitty!
Have a great weekend!

Dress (Le Chateau, thrift, $7.50), jeans (Esprit), booties (Rinaldi), necklace (Caracol), earrings (gift from L).


  1. I can't believe this is your first dress over jeans endeavor, you look like a professional!!

  2. How funny that you found that dress again so many years later! I like this look. And your sneaky cat. :)

  3. Love this combo. I think you look so svelte & gorgeous. I haven't worn jeans since the early eighties & have been thinking of buying some thrifted ones just to see what it would be like. Your tunicesque look here has encouraged me!

  4. You look great. I love wearing dresses over jeans. It feels smartly casual!
    And I love your phrase - "a dull roar".

  5. That colour looks fantastic on you and the velvet is so sumptuous.
    Welcome to the comfortable and stylish world of wearing jeans with dresses!

    Also...Kitty! ^_^

  6. The dress over jeans looks great on you. It definitely lengthens your legs. How tall are you?

    My favorite variation on this look is a tight dress over long, skinny jeans ending in a great heel. It gives a girl miles of legs.

  7. Great minds must think alike. I just tried this combo too. I loved it too. You look smashing! Love the red with those jeans!

  8. I like this look on you.And i agree w/ Cat, this look definitely lengthens your legs :-)

  9. MS: thanks! I was unbelievably nervous to wear this to work.

    Erica: isn't that bizarre? Heh, Inigo is such a cutie.

    Sue: thank you so much. I don't really wear jeans that much either - but go for it!

    Jane: thanks so much! Oh, that's not my phrase...but feel free to use it.

    Leigh-Anna: thank you so much! I don't know how often I'll wear this look, but it's nice to know it isn't totally awful on me. Yay, kitty!

    Cat: thanks! I'm 5'4". Hmmm...maybe I should try this with my skinnies.

    Hilary: awesome! I'll check out your look. Thanks!

    Lady D: thanks - I always want to look taller.


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