Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Tribute to Alice - Black Dress

I do not understand how people can wear nothing but black all the time. It's so boring! I am craving colour after only 3 days!

This is a favourite dress - I found it at Winners last year and wore it for my 40th birthday party. It's so comfortable.
I felt very chic with my big statement necklace and my turquoise shoes (they have a great 50s vibe to them).

I'll be back on Saturday or Sunday - I'll post at least one picture of my in my Alice outfit and make-up, heh heh.

Black dress (Max Studio), turquoise suede shoes (Le Chateau), silver rings necklace (gift shop, vacation), rhinestone stud earrings.


  1. Super Chic, Super Chic, She's super chiccy...i was singing to the tune of Love the whole look, esp the neklace and the shoes

  2. Haha, thanks for the song!

    The shoes are wildly uncomfortable (I have full-on Dr. Scholl's gel inserts in them and they still kill my feet), but damn, they look good.


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