Thursday, September 4, 2008

Office Uniform

Black pinstriped vest (Oxmo), blue shirt (Plum), plaid skirt (consignment, Jacob), t-strap heels (consignment, JonesWear), white stone and silver necklace & earrings.
If I had to pick a uniform to wear to the office every day, it would be a variation on this theme: shirt, vest, pencil skirt, shoes, jewelry. I've done this look in a variety of ways, sometimes changing to a sweater vest or the boob vest, sometimes with a white shirt or a red shirt or another colour, and the skirt is sometimes black or grey or brown (but usually a neutral), then sass it up with the shoes and the jewelry. Can't go wrong.

I'm not even sure what drove me to put this outfit together; none of the pieces on their own are all that special (except the shoes, which I love).

I wanted to share my creepy bouquet that L gave me yesterday. As you know, it's been a craptastic week at work, and he is always so thoughtful in getting me some flowers when he knows I've had a bad day. About a year ago, he started buying these "Nightmare Before Christmas" bouquets:
I love the mix of light green, purple and grey - and thistles! I don't even know what those other weird flower things are - they look totally alien. Here's a close-up of some of them, and the great vase I put them in (a handmade wedding gift - I love monsters, gargoyles and this lovely scary fairy).
And this is for Carollyne, who wanted a close-up of my hair.
Of course, it's not as good as it was before I walked to work, worked all day then walked home (in the wind). And I do have a bit of a crazy look in my eye...


  1. Great post today and you look fantastic in your "uniform" but what is a Boob Vest?

  2. It's a vest I have that covers just the boobs. For you, I will wear it next week.

  3. Very Sassy Sheila! really dig your "uniform".

  4. I like the new do - Lucy done good :-) I see her next week.


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