Thursday, September 11, 2008

Return of Dress Week - Polka Dotty

I have had this dress for over a year and only worn it once due to it being a fairly skimpy halter. Inspired by Kasmira's post about wearing a halter to work, I thought, "Why the heck can't I do something to make this work-appropriate?"
I'm quite pleased with the result. I felt very chic in a 1950s kind of way, particularly with Grandma J's faux pearls on. I was going to wear my mom's old sweater clip for the shrug but I can't find it! Very sad if that's gone missing.

Inigo wants his food. He looks like he's going to bite my ankle, but he just rubbed on me.

I dyed my hair last night - it's a dark kind of burgundy shade. It will lighten up over the next couple of days. I like it.

Off to Book Club! I'm baking Peaches Disarono for our 5th Anniversary Bash and Gift Exchange. I'm not very inclined in the kitchen, but this recipe only has 4 ingredients and any recipe with booze is a winner in my book. Ha!

Cream/red polka dot wrap skirt halter dress (Vero Moda), black cami (InWear), black shrug (Debut), black patent shoes (Wild Diva), Grandma J's faux pearls (vintage, probably 80s), rhinestone earrings.


  1. Kasmira is very inspiring. :) And I love how you paired the mary-jane flats with it--there's something about chic flats with a dress that's understated in the best way.

    And I have so much trouble keeping the dogs out of my pics...

  2. Thanks! Heels were just too much, especially for work.

    Aw, let them in the pictures. :) They're family.

  3. Very pretty and lady-like! And your hair looks lovely.

  4. Thanks, *lady d*! I am enjoying the crazy hair.

  5. Crazy hair suits you. And you are right about Kasmira's tips. I have used them lots, especially about making dresses more wearable.
    I'll just go and look for some of my halter necks!


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