Sunday, September 7, 2008

Casual Friday - and an Evening Out.

Burgundy sating blouse (Nygaard Collection), grey pinstriped vest (Kensie Girl), jeans (Esprit), black ankle boots (Rinaldi), silver hoop earrings, burgundy patent bag (KGB Studio), black scarf, burgundy shoes (Blecka).
For Diana, here's the boob vest. It's cropped, fitted, and hugs my boobs.

It ended up being pretty warm on Friday, so I didn't need the scarf, but it does look nice with the outfit.

After work, I went to the mall and found these magnificent shoes:
I can't wait to put together some new funky outfits around them!

I also found an ankle-length black winter coat (I don't have a long coat), a new "schoolgirl" dress, and a party dress. I just sent out the invitation for my birthday party, so I think I will wear the party dress for that.

Went out for dinner after my little bout of shopping; met up with Elaine and some of her friends for a Jamaican/Caribbean dinner and drinks afterwards. A lovely time! Happy birthday, Elaine!


  1. Ohh, I love those shoes. Fall shoes capture my heart in a way no other season's shoes can.

  2. Thanks! I adore the slightly granny look to them.

  3. What a spree. Love the shoes, lookingforward to seeing them.

  4. I'll be wearing the shoes this week with one of the dresses I bought.

    The bag was a cheapie - about $40 at a shoe store.

  5. Those shoes truly are magnificent.

    I call my cropped vest a "boobcoat."

  6. Tomorrow's outfit will feature the new shoes.

    I know - I read your blog for ages before I finally created this one. When I found the vest, it reminded me of how great it looked on you. Of course, I had to have it. :)

  7. fabulous outfit and hair sheila!! love the shoes as well!

  8. Thanks, Celia! Great to see you yesterday.


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