Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shopping Clothes - Studied Casual

I spent my day off shopping, naturally. Isn't that the best thing to do?
I have a pair of patterned mesh tights on here - and I admit, I took them off (even though I think they look really cute with this). Reason being: this skirt rides up when I walk and the tights drove me nuts after about 5 minutes. Off they go.

It was a successful shopping day (great shirt, skirt, party dress, tights and some earrings, oh, and a few books, can't resist books), but yet another wardrobe malfunction revealed itself as the day went on:

The guilty party this time: the bag. Cute bag, but every time I had to access my wallet, this big monster strap and buckle had to be moved. It became a huge hassle, so I switched all my stuff into the new bag I bought. Pictures of all the new stuff will come as I wear them.

Tweed distressed jacket (Oxmo), gold blouse (La Classe Couture), denim skirt (Smart Set), shoes (gift from Cat, Kenneth Cole Reaction), tights (Hue?), bag (Aldo), gold hoop earrings.


  1. Lovely--casual but still so chic, especially the neckline on the blouse. Your outfits make me want to come to Canada and shop! Although I probably do enough damage here... :)

  2. You have much better shopping in the States, believe me! I crave Ann Taylor Loft...


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