Monday, September 8, 2008

Return of Dress Week - Swirly Kimono Dress

Patterned kimono dress with matching blue belt (Vero Moda), rust cami (InWear), two-toned wedge shoes (Aerosoles), wood cuff and disc earrings.

I had a spastic moment this morning with my new hairstyle. It looked like a Brillo pad mated with a Tribble. Bad, bad news. Hence, the old faithful straight hair.
Did I mention I love dresses? I love dresses.

I'm really getting my $9 worth out of this dress this summer - this is a repeat from June when I went to see "Sex and the City", right down to the shoes and jewelry. There isn't a whole lot I can do with this dress - the colours are somewhat limiting (rust, cobalt blue, white and pale pink). Matching it up with the browns is the easiest - I don't have any other cami other than this rust one that I can wear under it (and I have a kazillion camis, so I don't need anymore!).

I think I could do it with a turtleneck underneath and boots and tights for fall/winter. Cobalt would look good.

Suggestions for how else to wear this dress? Let's see how creative you are...


  1. Sheila YOU LOOK FABULOUSLY FEMININE AND SASSY! That dress looks great on on you...
    I'll return w/ some

  2. First of all, your dress is great! Not to mention the price.

    There are a bunch of great Victorian-ish ruffle neck blouses out right now, so I might stick one of those under it and go with funky flats. I thought of that because I just saw a beautiful orange ruffle blouse at AT Loft that I'm coveting!

  3. Thanks, *lady d*!

    Interesting idea, erica! I have some ruffle-neck blouses (wrong colours, but right style) that I will try just to see if the look works.

  4. I think that this is a great look, just perfect for going to see SATC!
    I find it hard to leave the house with just a dress on. I always have to have a skirt on underneath or some other little embellishment. But that's just me.
    Also, the scarf has become a must. I almost feel naked without one on now.
    So maybe you could experiment with pants/skirt under the dress & a scarf.

  5. Hello and welcome, della street dreaming!

    I like the idea of another skirt with this...I think I could do that. I have a hard time doing the pants and dress thing - I always think it looks like I have too much fabric on. A scarf is a great idea!


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