Monday, September 22, 2008

Vintage Jewelry - Baby Blue or George Washington?

This week's theme (how I do love order...) is vintage jewelry, whether inherited, given to me or purchased by me. All of this week's outfits have been built around making my vintage look funky and modern. Will it work? Who knows. I've done the bottom half of this outfit before here:, but wanted to wear this new jacket that I picked up a couple weeks ago at my favourite consignment shop. It was only $26, and I think it will look fab with jeans too.

I ended up feeling dissatisfied with this outfit - the bow on the back of my neck, coupled with my wind-tossed hair today makes me look like George Washington, plus I think I have to institute a "One Ruffly Item Per Outfit, Please" rule on myself. I would like this better with a less girly jacket or a simpler top underneath.

But enough of that, here's my vintage jewelry:
The rhinestone clip-on earrings were pilfered from my mom's jewelry box around 1984. I remember wearing them to high school, along with a pair of her gloves from the 50s (which I also still have). I think these might have been a Christmas gift to Mom? Mom, I need some info on these.

The brooch is one of Grandma J's; it was left over after all her jewelry had been gone through after she died. I love the shape of it, and the delicacy of the work on it. It's stamped on the back: "Pastelli" with some sort of symbol. Research tells me it's made by Royal of Pittsburgh. Oh, this is cool - it's an ad from 1963 - I think that might be one very similar to mine, second from the bottom: And this is a kitty digging for carpet miceBaby blue velvet jacket (consignment, Gap), cream ruffle-front blouse (Vero Moda), velvet colour-blocked skirt (consignment, Banana Republic), pewter booties (BCBGirls).

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  1. I personally, do not get along w/ velvet, but you rock it well. I'm loving your jewelry, esp the brooch.
    Oh, and i 'd love to see the ruffle blouse by itself.
    And lol to your organized themes, i love that you actually stick to them. I try but i fall off.


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