Monday, September 1, 2008

Casual Friday - Jungle & Denim

White jacket (Jacob), jungle print wrap t-shirt (Jacob), jeans (Esprit), white and brown wedge shoes (Aerosoles), leather studded belt, wood earrings & bracelet, straw and leather bag.
Ooh, I look all awake. I must have taken this picture in the morning. A shot with the outerwear and bag:
And a shot post-haircut. We are "going big" and emphasizing the natural curl I have in my hair. I'm sure there's curl somewhere since when my hair grows out, wonky bits go every which way.
Friday was a crappy day. And I have been painting our bathroom for what feels like all weekend. I'm exhausted.


  1. Dig the outfit,especially the shoes,jacket and purse. Its quite harmonious! And I like your hair curly.Very cute!

  2. Thanks! Now for the challenge: can I replicate the hair for work?


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