Monday, September 29, 2008

Fluevogs and Preppy

Whenever I wear the sweater-vest, I feel like a totally preppy keener. Coincidentally, my office-mate also wore a black one today, so he and I were all matchy-matchy. Hi-larious!
I got this skirt on consignment a couple of weeks ago - I just love it. The classic houndstooth, the pencil cut, even the length is just perfect. And it's washable! It's going to get a lot of wear.

The blouse is t-shirt material and was also consignment. I like that it has a couple of rows of ruffles down the front.

Have I mentioned how much I love Fluevogs? I've been a fan since John Fluevog created the super pointy-toed shoe back in the 80s. I remember going to Vancouver and wishing I could afford to buy some of the crazy punk shoes they used to make. Now, I treat myself once a year (more, if I'm lucky) to a pair.

These are the ones I got in Vancouver when we were there for Alice Cooper. I felt so chic all day with my green satin shoes on!

Sweater vest (Esprit), t-shirt with ruffles (Pink Martini, consignment), pencil skirt (Nygard, consignment), shoes (Fluevog), silver/black bracelet, silver filigree earrings.


  1. I have a skirt that could be this one's twin! I love it and usually wear it much the same way you do, though this season I might spice it up with some mustard pumps. :)

    Your shoes are fabulous, though! I haven't heard of that brand, but I'm about to look it up.

  2. I love the shoes - - see if there's a store that carries them. Their styles are wild!

    Ooh, erica, I love the mustard pumps idea. I think I need new shoes...

  3. Love the whole look! the shoes, the skirt, and the jewelry, very fabulous!


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