Thursday, September 25, 2008

Vintage Jewelry - Black and Gold

The reaction to today's outfit was "Wow!" but I think that was more about the bright red lipstick that I chose to wear than the outfit, although I do find the mustard yellow and black to be very striking.
I love the black top underneath the cardigan - it's got sort of a ropey lace V edged with a couple of rows of drapey ruffles, but the high neck keeps it from being too risqué (even though that's technically a lot of cleavage for work).

The skirt is new to me - I got it at my favourite consignment shop for about $16. It's a cotton velvet and is denim weight - it almost feels like cheating on the dress code at work, ha! I love the pencil shape of it.

The vintage jewelry is the bracelet and earrings set. A close-up with my lovely leopard pumps: I got this set from L as a Christmas present about oh...6 years ago? I can't even remember. I think I've only worn this set once, but I do like it. There are little birds and some sort of other winged creature...a dragon? a phoenix?
There are no marks on it - each of the little "tiles" is attached to the yellow metal backing with prongs. The black part is painted onto the base - the yellow bird shapes are the background, but the gold lines are painted over the black. The gold parts also have incised strokes to make "feathers". The tiles are all done by hand, as each one has individual variations.

I have no idea how old this is, or what country it's from (it doesn't look North American or European to me). Maybe India or China?

Mustard yellow cardigan (Jacob), black ruffled sleeveless t-shirt (Lady Dutch), black velvet pencil skirt (Armor Jeans, consignment), leopard pumps (Steve Madden), black leather belt (Plum), vintage black and gold bracelet and clip-on earrings (gift from L).


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