Saturday, September 20, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Crazy...What I Wore to Alice Cooper

Oh, there have been some excellent concerts this year! And none were better, in style, music and outrageousness, than that master showman, Alice Cooper. L and I are devoted Alice fans (we own 23 of his studio albums), so when we heard he was coming to Vancouver, we got our tickets!

The concert was amazing! It definitely goes down as the best concert I have ever seen (although Rush is a close runner-up).

Of course, as devoted fans, we had to represent in full Alice fashion: That's a little dark, sorry. That's a full ballroom skirt that I picked up when I worked at Fairweather about 9 years ago. It's a bit large in the waist, but the corset top holds it in. I wore this same top and skirt for my Hallowe'en Bride of Dracula costume last year. I'm wearing my black patent boots under all this, which were perfect for stashing my ticket, ID, was stuck in my bra, 'cause how can you do a bag with this, when you're rockin' out at a concert? You can't be worrying about it.

A better shot of my big long gloves (also from my stint selling women's clothing), and my lovely jewelled cross (a gift from L a few years ago): And a good shot of my make-up (copied from the "Along Came a Spider" album cover) and my vintage 80s Le Chateau top hat:
I actually wore my glasses all night with this, taking them off for pictures. Sorry, no pictures of L, although he had the classic Alice eyes, top hat as well, black tails, blue vest and shoes and shirt with frilly cuffs - awesome outfit.

We walked to the venue from our hotel - got a lot of odd looks, heheh. When we arrived, we were immediately grabbed by the radio station sponsoring the show and photographed (we'll be up on their website). We were by far the most (and best) dressed-up there!

Naturally, I can't go to Vancouver and not stop at Fluevog. Look what I found on sale! They're actually a dark hunter green satin.
I wanted a shot of the sole, since it'll wear off eventually. It says, "My memories of Love are all of you."

This one's for you, L - thanks for being my true partner in craziness!

Black felt top hat (vintage Le Chateau), black corset top (consignment, Le Chateau), black organza skirt (Fairweather), black patent boots (Expressions), black gloves (Fairweather), jewelled silver cross necklace (Plum, gift from L), crystal stud earrings.


  1. Oh Sheila!
    That make up! lol. But you look fab in your dress. And your bravado= immense. I can't even were dark purple lipstick yet outside my bathroom You guys are HARDCORE fans!
    You've inspired me...i'm going to plan something dark soon

  2. i'm back
    Cute necklace as well, L has seriously got good taste in jewelry.

  3. What a fantastic Photo Story!
    I love the way you have cleverly appropriated Alice's signature look & made it your own.
    Alice occasionally comes to Australia, so I must see him next time he comes.

  4. I love it. You captured the essence of Coop, in more ways than one. Glad you had a good time, I always do when I see Coop.

  5. Thanks, *lady d*! There's something lovely and anonymous about being in make-up and costume - it's very liberating.

    You must see him in concert if he swings your way.

    Welcome, bud e luv bomb (that's quite a handle...).

  6. WOW - I am so impressed. What a great ensemble. And so versatile. I can see this one at the Rocky Horror Show too.
    Beautiful shoes.

  7. Rocky that brings back memories! I will probably wear this for Hallowe'en this year.

  8. Wow have only just seen this - fantastic!!!

    CC xXx


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