Sunday, June 22, 2008

Special Occasion - A Matinee with Mom

Rose/green velvet and silk sundress (Hale Bob, Century 21, NYC), green silk fringed scarf with embroidery (La Cache), bronze leather sandals (Naturalizer), copper beaded frame bag (Plum), gold/amethyst ring (Dad's, from Francis Jeweler), gold/crystal earrings and necklace (Plum).
I love this dress. As noted, I got it at Century 21, that huge discount department store in New York (it's right near the Ground Zero site). Mom and I hiked down Manhattan, then split up to do our own thing. We met up 2 hours later, me, frantically trying to get to every department I wanted to see, and her, avoiding salespeople but trying to sit on the grand stairs in the menswear department and waiting for me. Ah, it was great.

I actually bought 2 dresses by Hale Bob, and I tried them on right in the aisle, I was so rushed. The quality of this dress still impresses me, from the velvet bodice (the back is smocked with elastic so it's a perfect fit), to the soft colours and the sheer attention to detail on it.

With accessories:

I look in pain in this picture - and I am! I had a collision with Karen on the Ultimate field which resulted in her coming down on the inside of my left ankle and grating along it with her cleats. My ankle is pretty puffy and sore and is bruising up nicely. It's not internally sore at the ankle, so I think there's no sprain, just surface damage.

However, my calf pulled in compensation, so it's been really stiff and sore. I'm taking it easy and not doing my walk today - don't want to hurt myself.

With the accessories on: I got this scarf years ago, to go with a green dress from Jacob that I used to have (it was a size 14 - I've since given it away). It's a very vivid shade of green and the embroidery is shades of peach, so it's tricky to match with things. I think it's pretty close with this.

A close-up of the goods:

Boy, green really doesn't come out well with this camera. It's much more vivid.

Anyway. Isn't this the cutest little purse? It's soft and lined with satin. It was about $12 at Plum, about a year ago, I think.

And that's Dad's ring. It was given to me straight off his hand, as he laid in a coma after his heart attack. I feel close to him when I wear it - and since the play Mom and I saw was about family (moms, teenagers, husbands, fathers), I knew we'd be thinking about our him. Only appropriate that he should be there.

L joined us for dinner at the pub across the street after. What a lovely evening.

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