Monday, June 2, 2008

New Shoes! Purple and Grey

I bought 4 pairs of shoes in Vancouver, so this week, I will showcase (shoecase?) all of them in an outfit.

Black short-sleeved cardigan (Vero Moda, Plum), purple ruffle-front sleeveless blouse (Esprit), silver leather belt (The Bay), grey pants (consignment), purple shoe/booties (Bronx, Aldo outlet), faux rhinestone studs.
Again, another kind of "eh" outfit - this is what I get for not testing out a new combination. But what can I say? I never feel like thinking about work on a Sunday night or on a Monday morning. I wear what ends up in the knapsack and this is it.

The belt is not right, but I was sorely lacking in accessories, oh well. The shoes, close up:
I am such a dunce. Ruth has these shoes! She's only worn them to work once, maybe twice. Can I help it that they are such cute shoes?? They will look so cute with tights and a skirt too. Pretty comfy, although my feet got sweaty during the day. Only $40 at Aldo outlet!

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