Thursday, June 5, 2008

Not Really New Shoes!

Pinstriped fitted blouse (Vero Moda, Plum), grey cropped pinstripe vest (aka the boob vest) (Kensie, Dots), mustard yellow cami (Inwear, Dots), grey wool skirt with kick-pleats (Lipton's, consignment), black sandals (JonesWear, Jones NY, consignment), gold and grey bead necklace (Anne Klein, Grandma J's), rhinestone stud earrings.
I was very pleased with this outfit - all the pieces went together very well. I love this shirt, but the buttons keep popping off; there are currently 2 buttons waiting to be sewn back on it. The skirt was a great find: 100% wool (it has the wool symbol on the tag) and I'm pretty sure it's vintage - the label looks very old. Eh, maybe 80s? It has a plastic zipper so I wouldn't put it any older than that. I did a search and found a couple of references - it's a Canadian brand.

I needed a "new" pair of shoes to continue my theme for the week. I totally forgot I owned these! They got stuffed on the shelf under my skirts and were all dusty. I got these about 7-8 years ago, wore 'em once then not again. I wasn't so into wearing dressier shoes for day back then - they were a going-out shoe. A close-up:
This is another one of my Grandma J's pieces. It's one I chose after she died, out of the pile of stuff from her jewelry box. I partly took it because it actually has the Anne Klein tag on it, and partly because, like the turquoise/copper earrings, it has wear marks from her wearing it. I like that. I don't think I have ever worn this - I wasn't very into the gold/grey mix.
Hee, you can see little reflections of me in the gold beads, taking the picture.

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