Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Brunch on a Hot Day

Orange wrap t-shirt (Inwear, Dots), green cotton cami (Esprit), white cotton pouffy skirt (Gap), psychedelic wedge slip-on canvas shoes (Gotta Flurt, vacation), paper and bamboo parasol (Chinatown), wood cut-out flower earrings (gift store, vacation).
It's about 30 degrees today - smokin' hot! So when we got home, I popped this outfit on after my shower. Nice and cool for a stroll to downtown with L and Andrew for lunch at our favourite hangout. Of course, Inigo missed me so much he just had to try to get in the picture!
I hate the feel of sunblock on my skin (ew, greasy), but need to keep my fair skin covered. The solution? A parasol! I got this for Chris and Tracey's wedding years ago - it literally saved my skin since their wedding was outside with the sun beating down on our backs. Three other women were huddled under its shade with me.

A close-up: This was $10, but I had to open all of them to get the best pattern - I like the birds and the mix of colours in the flowers. That's all hand-done.

The shoes! Aren't these absolutely fantastic? My m-i-l has been telling me about this hair salon in her town that sells shoes, so we went in there yesterday, and yes, the whole front of the salon A woman was getting her foils on and there I am browsing through the selection. They only had maybe a dozen styles total, but every one was fantastic, right from this casual design (which came in an aqua combo and a baby pink combo as well as this lime mix) to very dressy heels. These were only $45! I'd never heard of this brand before, but they have some awesome styles: Love the Habit, the Stoned, and the Tread.

The earrings:
Found these (and another pair of earrings, and a necklace, AND a leather purse) in a little gift shop boutique. These also came in purple and yellow, as well as another style with a butterfly, but I liked the orange roses best. They were only $7.95 and are light as air.

So good to be home! I need a nap.


  1. Just took a quick glance through and you look amazing. Stacy and Clinton should take you on a shopping spree out of appreciation! Love the blog.

    (Relish <3)

  2. Hey, chiquita, welcome! Thank you for your kind words!

    Oh, if only...I would kill to spend an hour with S & C.


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