Monday, June 16, 2008

Winners Week - Cropped Pant Suit

This week's theme: Winners! If you love a sale or hunting for that bargain, you've got to love Winners - a whole department store of odds and ends of new clothes, shoes, etc. (apparently they carry things other than clothes and shoes, but those are the only areas I look in).

Elaine and I spent 4 hours there yesterday and, spent and exhausted, we were triumphant in our purchases. Every day this week, I will feature one of my Winners' finds.

Black suit jacket (Max Studio, Winners), black cropped pant (Focus 2000, Winners), pale orange cami (Mexx, Dots), yellow satin blouse (Do & Be, Bliss? damn, some boutique shop), red satin dragon pumps (Aldo), gold big link bracelet (Jones New York, The Bay), gold hoop earrings.
Hee, Inigo wanted to be in the picture. At least he's not showing off his ass this time.

The pants are the new item, although the jacket is also Winners (from last fall). I was pretty sure that the fabric and shade of black were exactly the same, though, and I was right: they are an exact match! So now I have 2 pairs of pants (one regular length) to wear as a suit with the jacket. And only $19.99 - score!

I just love these shoes - and you know, I never used to wear them. I spent $90 on them and never wore them except for special occasions. What a waste! Now, I try to wear different shoes every day (well, I have enough of them! may as well), and I love that some of these older ones are seeing the light of day.

Just spreading my own brand of sunshine, ha ha.


  1. You are one of the few people that I've met with the same shopping stamina as myself. It was a lot of fun trying on all of those clothes and finding some great bargains at Winners. I got a beautiful Bob Mackie skirt from the clearance rack for only $15.00 as well as a few other fashionable bargains.

  2. Same here - only my friend, Cat, has that kind of stamina (well, out of the friends that I've shopped with, anyway). Not many people can do it.

    You got some great buys!

  3. Hey - you last wore the Dragon shoes:
    Tuesday, May 20, 2008
    Tweed and Yellow and Dragon Shoes!

    You're gonna have to tag your clothes with, "last worn date" - like Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana.

    We're watching and taking notes, Carollyne.

  4. You go right ahead and take notes, hon!

    I do note when I wear my special dresses.


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