Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another Annoying Blouse

Periwinkle blue cotton blouse (Plum), black/silver front pleated skirt (H&M, NYC), black leather belt (Plum), cream/black slingbacks (Miz Mooz, The Cobbler), black wood/cream capiz shell necklace and double hoop black wood earrings (both Caracol, Plum and Oscar & Libby's).
Got this blouse last year on end-of-season clearance from Plum - love the fit, the colour, it's very practical. Notice how I never wear it?

It requires ironing every time I look at it. There are creases all around the waist from the belt, which is done up very loosely. Not that I do the ironing - L does it, bless his heart, what a guy. But since he does it, he does it at his own pace, which is approximately twice a year.

Also, I had Toastmasters today, and I had to do a speech evaluation and I was just a titch nervous about that, and oops, a wee bit of sweat in the pits.

This shade of blue, this fabric, goes very dark when wet. LOVELY. I love having round wet patches under my arms.

I think I may have to destroy this blouse, like, cut it up with scissors, to avoid it being a further plague upon my wardrobe. Ruth, I wouldn't wish it on you. Don't ask for it.

Maybe if I only wear it with things over it so the armpits don't show...


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