Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Attack of the Chewbacca Sweater!

Brown wool/cashmere cardigan (Jacob), orange wrap t-shirt (Inwear, Dots), turquoise tank (Esprit), floral skirt (Mexx, Dots), brown leather boots (Roberto Vianni, Sterling Shoes), white stone and silver earrings & necklace (Plum).
I decided to highlight the brown in the pattern of this skirt this time around (last time I wore a grey jacket with orange top & turquoise shoes), so did the brown boots with the brown cardi. I had pretty much consigned the cardigan to casual wear around the house, but needed it for this outfit. It's a size L, so I haven't been shy about putting it in the washer or dryer to shrink it up a bit.

By mid-day, I had brown fuzz EVERYWHERE. All over my boobs, all over my back, under my arms. Little brown fuzzballs were falling off me onto my desk. I found one stuck to the fabric quad wall of Ruth's desk.

I feel like I've been felt up by a Wookie.

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