Thursday, June 19, 2008

Winners Week - Crazy Shoes!

Orange sweater (Vero Moda, The Bay), mustard cami (Inwear, Dots), green silk and wool tweed skirt (Precis Petite, The Bay), crazy pony hair tiger striped shoes with mediallion with orange rhinestones, kitten heel and green satin piping! (Hale Bob, Winners), gold/crystal earrings (Plum), fabric yellow flower (Roberta's Hats), green stone/bead bracelet (handmade, gift from Cathy B, Greg's ex-wife).
I put this whole outfit together around the shoes. I got a lot of compliments on my ensemble today, from my office colleagues all sporting yellow flower-shaped sticky-notes (har har) to some homeless guy to salesclerks. I love the colour combinations -I felt very summery all day.

I love this skirt - it's part of a suit I have (jacket with detachable faux-fur collar, pants) from the Secret Area of the Bay downtown (a section of the Bay that carries very pricey imported UK designers, like Planet and Wyndsmoor). I love the shape of the skirt (very sexy secretary), which is why I'm doing the curvy body pose above.

LOVE the shoes. These may be my new favourite shoes: The green satin piping is a more vivid green in real life.
Oh, I love the medallions! And the stripes!

This outfit was made by the accessories, particularly the yellow flower. I bought this to put on my black cloche hat (for Robert & Desiree's wedding all those years ago), and just forgot I owned it. I also forgot about this bracelet. It's really heavy.
I have a necklace that matches these earrings, too, but it was a bit too much up at the neckline with the flower.

Ahem, note to Carollyne: I am allowed to wear my shoes more than once, m'dear. So, yes, I did wear the dragon shoes twice in two weeks. Tough beans!

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