Sunday, June 8, 2008

Party - Caro's Convocation!

Copper and black lace dress (vintage, Value Village), big black leather belt (NYC, some tourist shop in Times Square), black kitten heels (Reaction, Kenneth Cole, gift from Cat), gold-plated ring with amber-coloured stone (Retrowear), yellow/amber crystal clip-on earrings (vintage).
I've had this dress for about 7-8 years and have never worn it - it didn't ever look quite right when I was heavier (the waist sat too high). I bought it at Value Village (I always look in the Vintage section) for about $7. The lace part is very stiff and crinkly; the underskirt is a soft crepe. I think this dress is handmade - the seams aren't finished and the cut edges have frayed over time. It also has a metal zipper, so I'm pretty sure it's pre-1965 or so, when they started using plastic zippers.

A close-up of the jewelry. I got these earrings at an antique fair at the mall downtown about 8 years ago, for about $14. The ring is from a store that's closed now - it was only $5. It's one of the few older rings I have that still fits my fingers.
It was a fun party! I slept in till almost noon today!

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