Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dress Week - Aqua 70s

Aqua dress (Kersh, Tulipe Noir), silk scarf (The Bay), silver leather slingbacks (Nicole, Century 21, NYC), white gold hoop earrings.
I love this dress - it's so light and summery-looking - I only wish it had pockets. Grabbed it off the sale rack while out with a walk with Ms. Cat. And I finally have something to wear this scarf with! This is one of what I think of as my "fat clothes", i.e. clothing I owned when I was heavier. I bought it to go with a fabulous yellow short trench coat, which I have since given away to someone (god knows who, I can't remember).

I bought the scarf at the Bay and it always makes me think of Ms. Carollyne (yes, you, hello, honey!) because I ran into her at the Bay one lunch hour; she was wandering around and I surprised her, and I ended up steering her around and helping her pick out a bunch of clothes (cords, a turtleneck, two pairs of shoes and a scarf like this one - I wasn't able to decide between the one I bought and the other one, but I'm so glad she got it).

I love these shoes. I've worn them so much, especially last summer. They are another pair from the NYC trip with mom a year ago. Poor mom; we went to Century 21 (we walked from Hell's Kitchen area all the way down to Ground Zero), then I pretty much abandoned her to zip through Century 21. I bought 2 dresses there, these shoes, a tie and some socks for L. Mom got a nightgown. I remember finding her sitting on the stairs in the menswear department, just patiently waiting for me. Aw...she never complained about me dragging her around or taking off to do my own shopping (I find it hard to shop with other people - only Cat and Ruth shop like me) while she waited.

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