Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Recent Figure - Goth Fighter Mage

I keep forgetting to load up some of my more recent figures. This is the second-to-last figure that I completed. I'm quite proud of her - the pressure was on to do justice to such a cool fig.
Foolishly, I did all the shading on her skin first (I usually do skin last, so that I can touch up any paint spillover from blacklining or other colours), so I had to be totally careful when painting the rest to get it right. I like the shading on the cloak and the horn thing on her shoulder/arm armour.

A view of the back:
Hee hee, there's her bum. I've seen a photo of this fig painted by someone else where she has a spider web "tattoo" on her back - I found out later that it was a decal. Not painted! Outrageous.

Anyway, I really like this piece. It's quite the outfit she has on - it's almost like one of Edyta's from "Dancing With the Stars", haha.


  1. Daisy tat on the back and it'll look like me ....

    or maybe not ;-)

    very nice!!!

  2. I think you just found your next Hallowe'en costume! Wear it to work!

  3. Sheila's in a Goth Gang

    *Cramps reference*

    I'd paint that one but my wife would probably give me the hairy eyeball. I'd give too much attention to her bum.

    Nice job on the red cloak - red is one of the toughest colours to shade without it getting 'pink.'

    Hey, you can click the pics to zoom in now - awesome!

  4. Ha! I like painting female figures - I am pretty much guaranteed to buy a fig if it's a girl.

    Thanks! I like doing fabric.

    Yeah, I noticed that - tip: don't click on any pics of me!

  5. Beautiful work! The skin is pristine really fantastic paint job. What company sells her? I would love to try my hand with this miniature.

    1. Thank you! I think she was a Ral Partha figure from around 2006.


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