Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dress Week: 50s Turquoise

Turquoise cotton shirtdress (Le Chateau), big black leather belt (some tourist shop in Times Square, NYC), black slingbacks with white stitching (Unisa, DSW, NYC), capiz & wood necklace (Oscar & Libby's), white gold hoop earrings.
I found this dress on a clearance rack at Le Chateau last year for only $19.99 (it also came in khaki). I just love it. It's got pockets, a great cut and even a snap where buttons always gape on the boobs. It also accessorizes (damn, you can't see the necklace in this shot - trust me, it looked good) really well. I've done brown and red to pop off this colour. It does wrinkle, but everything wrinkles when you shove it in a backpack for half an hour.

The belt and shoes are part of my NYC loot (ah, a year ago! We were there, mom!). The belt was only $9.99 (real leather) and the shoes were around $49, I think. I can't remember; I bought 3 pairs of shoes at DSW in NYC. These just look so chic and they are really comfortable.

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