Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Burgundy & Shiny

Jacket (Nygard, The Bay), gold blouse with gems (Bryan's), brown plaid pants (Vero Moda), brown leather belt with gold/crystal flower buckle (Plum), bronze sandals (Naturalizer), giant gold hoop earrings.
I got this jacket a couple of weeks ago - great colour, and you know I can't resist velvet anything! It was on half price for $39.99, then I redeemed a bunch of my Bay points, so it ended up being $9 and change. Nice!

My favourite brown plaid pants make another appearance - I just love the cut of them. I totally forgot I had these shoes - they were hidden behind my short-hang section of skirts in the closet (to make room for all my fancy-schmancy heels). I bought these with the money I won in the football pool (NFL) a couple of years ago (I came in 2nd - I got about $135). My team last year was called "Mo' Money For Shoes", but my arrogance cursed me and I almost came in last. A close-up.
The bronze colour is a great neutral. They rub a bit on my big toe, though.

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  1. Don't you just hate it when Naturalizers aren't comfortable? They advertise themselves as "the most comfortable shoe on the planet."


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