Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dress Week - Wild Green

Green and black print dress with loopy bows (I.N.C., The Bay), black swing jacket (Simply Manakin Petite, Winners), black faux patent boots (The Bay), silver double spiral earrings (Oscar & Libby's), silver spiral neck ring (consignment).
This is one of my favourite dresses in my whole closet. I waited patiently for this to go on sale - I think it was around $40 when I finally bought it. Every time I wear it, I feel great, and isn't that the hallmark of a great dress? Let's see, I wore this to go see Mom's painting in the art show last summer (her, my brother, Dave, and I); and to the Whisky Festival (with black tights and honking big silver platform peep-toes - killer outfit). I've worn it to work a couple of times - usually with a jacket, since it's so "out there".

The dress alone:

I feel sexy in this - it's totally comfortable, washable and balls up into a very small bundle. Great for travel.

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