Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pink Jacket!

Pink jacket (Cleo), grey sleeveless tank dress (Jacob), black platform pumps (Payless), black leather belt (Plum), crystal stud earrings.

This isn't the outfit I planned last night - and this is why you should always "test drive" new clothing items and articles you haven't worn for a while.

This is the soon-to-be-infamous pink jacket that I got last week while shopping with Mom. I love the shape and the style - it reminds me of Chanel, as does the pink colour. I hate pink. Really loathe it. And yet, here I am wearing it. Go figure.

The plan for the outfit was to wear the grey dress with the black belt, do the jacket open and wear a fabulous vintage necklace of faux pearls and rhinestone clasp of my grandma's. Problem: the dress is too big for me (it's a 9/10 from Jacob and is from the "I lost 25 pounds" shop of over a year ago). I usually wear stuff under it, but I was tired last night and wasn't thinking. When I put this on this morning at work, all I could see were my poor deflated boobs and the top of the dress hanging off of me.

Hence, this look. Eh, it's okay. I got a lot of compliments, but I think that was due to the pink colour blinding everyone.

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