Friday, May 2, 2008

Casual Friday: Hippy Dippy - Leopard & Green

Taupe cropped swing jacket (Armourjeans, Le Chateau), green t-shirt (Nepean), black skinny jeans (Jacob), brown leather belt (Nepean), leopard scarf (Fairweather), leopard peep-toe wedge shoes (Expressions, The Bay), wood disc earrings & wood cuff (Oscar & Libby's).
L said my outfit was "Hippy Dippy" - I guess he means because of the scarf tied around my head. I love this jacket (the lining is lavender) - it has such a cute shape to it and it's really soft. A total bargain grab from Le Chateau at $19.99 (on sale). This leopard scarf I got about 8 years ago, when I worked at Fairweather while I was at university - I used to wear it around my neck all the time. It's one of the few Fairweather things I still have from that era, since all the suits and dresses were either too small (when I gained weight) or too big (when I lost it all again).

I bought these shoes because I liked them (duh), but there's something that is just not right about them. Maybe the peep-toe is too big, or maybe it's the low wedge. Anyway, they are comfy and they are leopard!
Off to drink wine with my fabulous friends!

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