Monday, May 26, 2008

A Little Too Mini

Black and white blouse (consignment), black cami (Inwear), cobalt blue wool blend suit skirt (Le Chateau), black and white shoes (Miss Moo), silver/black bangle, black stone dangle earrings.
I picked up this blouse yesterday at my favourite consignment store - only $6! What a steal. And I love this skirt...but I forgot how short it is. I bought it at Le Chateau back in the fall and I've worn it with tights every time I wore it to work. Today, I'm bare-legged and's short when you're sitting down! It's still a great skirt, just something to keep in mind.

It has a very cool jacket that matches (it's a suit!); I bought them at separate times (the skirt was on sale first, for $19.99, then I watched for the jacket until it went to $39.99).

My newish haircut - we are growing it out a bit, so I only had a bit of a trim and shaping. I added blonde highlights yesterday.


  1. LOVELOVELOVE the blouse and the SHOES! The jury is still out on the skirt.

  2. The skirt's going into the "only wear with tights" category.

  3. Love the shirt; not sure about the skirt. Thinking of ya, XINE


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