Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tweed and Yellow and Dragon Shoes!

Yellow satin blouse (Do & Be), mustard cami (Inwear), tweed skirt (Kenzie), wood earrings & bracelet, red satin dragon pumps (Aldo).
The reason I look vaguely pissed off: I am annoyed at myself. Yesterday, L and I went out to Goldstream Park and hiked around. We took all kinds of pictures, including some amazing shots of a little yellow spider. Tonight, I uploaded them and then deleted them off the camera...but not all of them uploaded. I lost over half of them. Arg. I am so mad at myself.

I had to change back into this outfit and re-photograph it, too.

Anyway. Love this colour of yellow. These are also awesome shoes. I got them about 5 years ago - they are the first pair of shoes I ever paid full price for: $90.00. They also came in black and pink (same fabric).
I love the dragons on the toes:

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  1. I'm loving these dragon shoes! You have a really fantastic selection of shoes!!!


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