Sunday, May 18, 2008

Party - Andrew's Birthday!

Orange silk dress (Inwear, Dots), pale orange cami (Esprit), yellow patent leather shoes (Guess), yellow vinyl patent clutch (The Bay), silver drop earrings (Guess), silver bangles (Guess), silver/acid yellow cocktail ring (Guess), silver chain and crystal belt (The Bay).
I adore this dress, but how to accessorize? You can't do black or you look like Hallowe'en. I had planned to do silver, but I had to find a silver belt - I had belt issues at the Bay the night before. Well, work sent us home at 3pm (yay, going home early on a long weekend ROCKS), so I stopped in at the mall.

And what do you know - a sale at Guess! Extra 40% off on all sale items! I never usually shop there because it is all just a little too young for me, but I tried on some tops (too small), then spotted these shoes. This was exactly what I was looking for! They are pretty high, but are they not the hottest looking shoes ever? I put in my Dr. Scholl's comfy inserts so that I could stand for more than 5 minutes. Anyway, I also got the bangles, the ring and the earrings (I don't usually like logos at all on my clothing, but the little Gs are not very noticeable. And good quality with the jewelry - I was impressed. It's a little over-the-top, but sometimes I just need to be a little out there.

After Guess, I was feeling all jazzed up and pleased with myself, so I headed back over to the Bay, determined to find the belt I couldn't buy due to the "I can't scan this in" idiot of the previous night, and demand that some manager just SELL ME THE DAMNED BELT. And there it was, with three - yes, three - tags on it...and it was an extra 15% off! I spotted the clutch on the way to the belt section - it was only $35 plus an extra 25% off. Deal! A close-up of the accessories:
Anyway, I looked fabulous and totally overdressed, which is usually the look I go for, so success!

Happy Birthday, Andrew! So glad to have you as a friend.


  1. i can't believe you went shopping without me YET AGAIN ::::SIGH:::

    it's a great outfit. LOVE the clutch.


  2. You weren't even at work on Friday! Sorry, it was a whirlwind shop.


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