Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Glitter Skirt!

Turquoise wrap t-shirt (Esprit), black cami (Inwear, Dots), black leather belt (Plum), grey lace embroidered bubble skirt (KenzieGirl, Dots), turquoise "python" t-strap shoes (Jeffrey Campbell, Spank), silver double spiral earrings.
I adore this skirt. It was a one-of-a-kind at Dots and I snapped it up a little over a year ago, regardless that I had nothing to wear with it at the time. Since then, I've filled my wardrobe in considerably, but I still don't wear it to work that often, as the sparkliness is sometimes a bit much. A close-up of the fabric:
It's quite a stiff lace, which gives the skirt good shape. It also has nice deep pockets and sits pretty low on my hips - helps keep the length appropriate for work.

I thought it went well with the shoes (at the mall at lunch today, the salesladies seemed impressed that I was all "matchy"). Sadly, the cap on the left heel disappeared, so these go into the pile of winter shoes that need to go to the shoe repair shop for new heels. Won't be seeing these for a while.


  1. ADORE this outfit. The shoes, the skirt, the blouse. I love the sparkly skirt. I'd wear it all the time.

  2. I first wore this skirt to your place, remember? It's such a memorable item that I don't like to wear it TOO often.

  3. Ah yes, but WHO was it that said that you MUST wear that skirt ... a bit of sparkle is good at the office??! hmmm?

  4. That would be RUTH! You were so right.


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