Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Orange Leopard and Space Jacket

Today saw an office full of people, and the bustle of a major meeting (plus catering!), followed by an after-hours party at the local pool hall. 
I dressed to play, as I love smacking the pool balls around. I'm terrible at it, though. 

  • Jacket - Smoking Lily; last worn here in July 2023 over a confusing coral dress
  • Sweater - Pierre Cardin, vintage 80s, consignment; first seen here in March with leopard and a lot of safety pins
  • Skirt - Scotch & Soda, consignment; last worn here in September 2023 with another Scotch sweater
  • Shoes - Swordfish Marquis, Fluevog; last seen here in March with ruched velvet

I played one game against colleague Andi - and she beat me, to her utter surprise. I warned her I was awful. 
Today's outfit features my long-time favourite Space Jacket. It's a stretch cotton brushed with silver by local makers Smoking Lily. 

The orange leopard skirt was popular with my colleagues. 
I explained what a bias cut is to a few of my coworkers. 

It's so swooshy. 
We had much warmer temps today, not that I was outside much. 

I only took my jacket off after hoofing it up the stairs in the morning. 
Sneaking in another wearing of this sleeveless vintage sweater. 

All done up and incognito. 
I walked to work in these shoes, and hopped a bus home after the event. 

The stuff: 
My shoes elicited gasps of astonishment, as usual. They are rather spectacular. 

Orange bling:
I had more comments on my David Bowie brooch than anything else. 

  • Bowie brooch - vintage fair
  • Orange bracelet - consignment, Sidney
  • Steel/acrylic ring - Calvin Klein, thrifted
  • Orange cuff and ring - Italian, vintage 60s, vintage mall
  • Wooden earrings - vintage fair

Off to nap - I'm still feeling groggy and a bit sore from my perio appointment yesterday. 


  1. VERY cool outfit! Love the bling too. Lise

  2. Like Lise, I’m a fan of your orange bling. Those round hoop earrings, bracelets and rings look light weight and easy to wear on a warm day. You can attribute poor pool play (this time) to the periodontist visit. ;)
    Cheers, Laurie

  3. Pool! One of my favorite recreations. Haven't tried it since my vision left; not sure if I can still play and to what degree I've retained my previous skill at it. May or may not be there. Glad you're spreading fashion knowledge (bias cut) to the uninformed. And, of course your Bowie brooch attracts attention. It's a conversation starter! I've been a fan of David's since the Seventies. He represented social/sexual deviance even if he was merely pretending to be gay. His visibility nudged the door more open for the rest of us.

  4. Perfect outfit for both work and play! Orange is such a pick-me-up when one is feeling a bit off. Well done on educating your colleagues about the bias cut. At least your co-workers are interested in such things. My one and only colleague has no interest in fashion or clothes whatsoever, and hardly ever comments on what I'm wearing ...
    Hope the nap did the trick and you're feeling much brighter! xxx

  5. I read a while ago what bias cut means, and still don't know! I love to play pool too, haven't for a while though.


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