Monday, May 6, 2024

Pink Pirate and Droopy Leopard

My week started with Fire Warden training in the morning, followed by a fire drill after lunch. Alarming! I dressed to be seen, although I also wore a snazzy yellow and orange safety vest emblazoned with "Floor Warden" for back-up.

You couldn't miss me! 

  • Cropped blazer - Only, consignment; purchased here for $47.99
  • T-shirt - Karl Lagerfeld, thrifted; first worn here in April on our anniversary trip to Vancouver
  • Skirt - Dries Van Noten, thrifted; last seen way back here in April 2023 with paillettes
  • Shoes - Super-Fine Eminence, Fluevog; last worn here in October 2023 with a sparkly denim pant suit

Sneaking in a gold-decorated tee into a regular workday, but no one even noticed. 
They were distracted by everything else. One colleague liked my brooch. 

Another admired my skirt, and all its swoops, and folds, and the long sash. 
"Yar, I'm a pirate!" I responded. I have called this my Pirate Skirt since I found it in 2017. 

The pink cropped blazer was fun to wear. I missed having pockets...
I rolled the sleeves (as in the first 2 pics above) for most of the day. 

Incognito. Sleeves down when I'm outside. 
It was a bit chilly still today (windy) but warmer weather is on the way! 

The stuff: 
These velvet and brocade shoes were the star of the outfit, by a long shot. This is my favourite Fluevog heel, very comfortable for me. 

  • Scarf - Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier, vintage 90s, consignment

I picked this scarf to match the blue shoelaces. 

Bold gold bling: 
The droopy leopard brooch makes me smile. 

  • Gold/pink stone bracelet - D'Orlan, vintage 60s, vintage mall, gift from L
  • Leopard brooch - Park Lane, thrifted; purchased here for $18.00
  • Gold/black eelskin bangle - vintage 80s, thrifted
  • Scarab ring - Heidi Daus, gift from L, vintage mall
  • Gold/amethyst ring - Frances Jeweler, c. 1965, Dad's
  • Earrings - vintage, consignment


  1. Those are defintely some fabulous shoes!! X

  2. I'm slightly disappointed we didn't get to see your snazzy yellow and orange safety vest, but I guess that with the pink shoes and blazer you were visible even without it. Those shoes really are amazing, as is your jewellery! xxx

  3. The cropped pink jacket is simply an amazing pairing with those shoes.
    The skirt is perfect, too.
    I see you're wearing your leopard already.

  4. The Fluevog shoes are amazing! I always think of one of my favourite childhood story books, The Elves and the Shoemaker whenever I see them. So creative! x

  5. Oo la la for those shoes; have me thinking of French royalty…
    Cheers, Laurie

  6. Ha! Love the alarming pun. And "dressing to be seen" is your forte. You ought to be made Office Boss for your visibility and innate authority. :)


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