Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Peep-Toes for Nancy; Boot-Swap for Periodontist

Okay, Nancy, this one's for you - I changed my shoes from a pair of boots to peep-toes for Nancy's Good Buy/Good-Bye book. 
I worked half a day then bussed to my periodontal appointment - oh yay, those are the best. 

  • Tunic - Sympli, thrifted; last worn here in January with teal
  • Leggings - Masai; purchased here for $29.99
  • Shoes - Sorel; last seen here (2nd outfit) in September 2023
  • Boots (below) - Original Sabado, Fluevog; last spotted here in March with a tiger dress
  • Coat - River Island, consignment; last worn here in April

It's the first toenail painting of the year - I chose a dark turquoise to match my outfit. 
A thin silk tunic - I also have a long-sleeved mesh tee under it, but didn't show at all. 

New striped leggings from Dots' new stock a few weeks ago. 
The leggings are quite long - I could have tucked them more into the shoes. 

I love this tunic - I always feel very chic in it. 
The leggings were fine - I like the patterns, and they're soft. 

The fabled hot temperatures did not appear. My toes were freezing! 

The stuff:
Despite that, I love these mesh and leather wedge booties - they are a nice way to add a punk edge to a summer dress. 

Sorry, Nany, I came home and swapped them booties for boots (and socks). 
I had to stay warm while I was knocked out and snoring in the chair while Michelle, my wonderful tech, does my teeth. 

Heavy stone bling: 
All the armour. The necklace weighs a ton, but the stones warm up and it feels nice on. 

  • Necklace - vintage mall, gift from L
  • Earrings - consignment
  • Big ring - Karen's
  • Turquoise and silver ring - Glee
  • Crystal heart bracelet - Juicy Couture, consignment
  • Steel cuff - Lakeland Art Metalwork, thrifted

Mom picked me up from the perio, as I was very loopy from my happy pill. 
Cuddle time! She's been friends with Vizzini his whole life!

It was close to his dinner-time, and he was being cranky with her, despite her magic cat powers. 
He bit and chomped at her necklace.

Then went after the snaps on Mom's jacket. 
"Aren't you a little rotter?" said Mom. 

He retreated to glare at us from the top of the bookcase. 
We call this "gargoyling."

"This gargoyle would like his dinner."
How could I resist that kind of mind-control!? 

Off to nap...


  1. Hoping you at work fully recovered from the periodontist experience! Cool leggings but I wasn’t prepared for so much black having appreciated your spring colors in prior outfits.
    Vizzini and I have in common crankiness if our meals are late!
    Cheers, Laurie

  2. Sheesh, auto correct combined with not proof reading yields awkward sentences!! “Hoping you are fully…”

  3. Ah fabulous peeptoes! Thanks for the shout out I appreciate that a lot. I like the leggings with the peeptoes a lot. Don't forget to send me the photos Sheila!

  4. Gargoyling! Great expression. Pets re-connect us to wildlife and nature. Their animal impulses shake us out of our human-centricity. Dental/gum care: ouch. For two decades I thought that was the most awful, painful stuff. Then the docs moved north and started shooting needles and f*cking with my eyes. Not so awful anymore... But, keep it up. Your later self will be grateful you did. Not having dental problems in old age is a blessing.

  5. Like Ally, I think "gargoyling" is a great expression, so I'll adopt it if you don't mind.
    Love the silk tunic and leggings outfit, but what a shame the weather wasn't more accommodating for wearing those peep-toe shoes. By rights, we would be able to wear sandals by now! xxx

  6. Well, at least you do take care of your teeth. I am proud of you. And Vizzini makes a terrific gargoyle haha.

  7. Great idea to pair funky leggings with a plain dress. I have a pair of "scaly" leggings that need a team mate.


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