Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Snake Bookends and a Paprika Pouf

Another week, more outfits! Today, I'm bookending my ginormous pouf skirt with snakeskin.
Someone told me I looked "sharp" today - a complete stranger! 

  • Top - Diane Von Furstenberg, thrifted; last worn here in August 2023 where I bookended it around yellow
  • Cami - thrifted, not tracked
  • Skirt - Kaliyana, consignment; purchased here for $114.99
  • Shoes - Big Presence Desmond, Fluevog, consignment; last seen here in February with purple velvet

Many of my colleagues admired the skirt. 
Viz thought I should wear green with it. 

I think I could wear pretty much everything with it, from a t-shirt to Doc Martens.
What would you wear?

I adored the humongous pockets, and it was easy to wear for work (the back did not wrinkle!).
I did find it was clingy on my nylons, as it's lined with the same fabric. That tells me it will not be in my fall/winter wardrobe - I don't want any Cling Rage developing. 

My outerwear was a mere wisp of a scarf. 
Protecting my chest from the sun. 

The stuff: 
My brain...I put it all away as soon as I finished this pic - oops! 

  • Scarf - Metropolitan Museum of Art, thrifted
  • Silver/onyx necklace - Mexican, consignment, Powell River
  • Enameled cuff - consignment
  • Silver/onyx ring - Tocara, vintage mall
  • Silver/obsidian ring - consignment
  • Red/silver bracelet - vintage mall
  • Enamel/silver ring - antique shop, Sidney
  • Silver earrings - Israeli, consignment

I love these shoes. So snaky! 


  1. I knew that skirt would look fabulous on, your colleagues were right. I can imagine it looking cool with a short, boxy top and some bad ass chunky Gladiators (that's the sandals, not Russell Crowe!) Liking Vizzini's suggestion of wearing green with it, cats have a sixth sense about these things.
    Ahhh, cling rage, I hate that! xxx

  2. That skirt looks fantastic on you, Sheila, and I love how you combined it with the snaky top and shoes. But no snaky bling? xxx

  3. Ah the billowy skirt, how about a graphic tee with it and, as Vix suggested, gladiator sandals, and your stash of red jewelry including big earrings. If there is a secret (that truly works) to dealing with static cling please share! And yippee for not needing outer wear!
    Cheers, Laurie

  4. That skirt looks splendid! I couldn't wear it as I have no waist - but you do have one, and it works so well. (So, thinking about it - if I could wear it, I'd pair it with anything with a trim waist.) I love the bold colour with the snake print.

  5. I’d wear it with a waist-length jacket or top to avoid the width across the hips in back.

  6. Oh wow, the skirt looks brilliant and the slinky snake goes super well with it!x

  7. And again a fantastic skirt, just visited your VW skirt post. And a fabulous top. Diane von Furstenberg tops always look elegant and super feminine.


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