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Mom-Day Birthday Adventure - A Stroll on the Harbour and Lunch With the Mega-Yachts

Welcome, my friends to a very special Birthday Edition of Mom-Day! Mom's birthday is this weekend, so I took her out for lunch at the Tres Classy Boom + Batten restaurant on the Inner Harbour.
The last time we had a stroll along the harbour was here in February. 

It was a glorious sunny day, with temps up to 20 degrees. I dressed appropriately - but I also knew I'd be next to the water, where it's always colder and windier. 
I decided to wear this lovely, swingy dress that I'd picked up at the Beacon Avenue Thrift Shop last weekend. 

  • Dress - Papillon, thrifted; purchased here for $14.00
  • Boots - Bond Girl, Fluevog X Anna Sui; last worn here (2nd outfit) for a shopping trip with Monica
  • Jacket (below) - Only, consignment; last seen here (2nd outfit) for a shopping trip with Jessica

I layered a pale yellow cotton camisole under it, and I did wear nylons for warmth and boots. 
I didn't realize this skirt was higher on the sides, and slightly longer in the back. I like it!

It had a few "let's show your knickers!" moments in the wind as we strolled along. I shall wear wee shorts next time! 
I love the print - it's a floral, but somewhat alien looking. The flowers remind me of jellyfish. 

Nice big ones - I kept my camera in one. 

I only took my coat off later in the afternoon. 
I also wore the scarf around my neck, and of course, I was Incognito. Ha, I do believe I missed a picture!

Happy pinks. 

  • Purse - Michael Kors, consignment
  • Scarf - Alexander McQueen, consignment
  • Shades - prescription

The stuff: 
I walked to town, shopped for an hour, then walked home. Such great boots! They had many admirers. 

Sparkly bling: 
Two of Mom's bracelets, liberated from her jewelry box when I was a teenager in 1984-5.

  • Silver bracelet - Coro, vintage 70s, Mom's
  • Coral/olivine ring - Hawaii, 1976, Mom's
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Green bracelet - vintage 60s, Mom's
  • Earrings - consignment

She gave me the ring a few years ago. 

We parked near the walkway, and enjoyed a fabulous view. The tide was out! 
I've never seen this little bay so empty! Lots of kelp, rocks and barnacles. 

And a heron, hunting for lunch. 
The seagulls were enjoying the sun. 

The empty beach! So weird. 
Christie's Pub - I miss this place, need to go there again soon. 

The heron again. 
It's good to see the wildlife. 

Our path. 
The mountains in the distance are in the United States - those are the Olympic Mountains in Washington State. 

The snow-pack is shockingly small - they're usually still covered in snow down to lower elevations. We may be in for a very dry summer.
The harbour was oddly quiet when we arrived, but it didn't last. 

A better look at Mom's 'fit - this was an expert ensemble, with subtle pattern-mixing and textures. 
I learned from the best, after all. 

We noticed that the Marine HQ has a public walkway, so we decided to check it out. 
This marina was built to house mega-yachts - they are quite amazing to see. 

This one's pretty small. 
I liked how the posts lined up. 

We're nearly at the Boom + Batten. We had a lovely lunch here last time. 
They have their outside seating set up, I see.  

Helicopters landed. 
Seaplanes took off (like this one) and landed. 

We enjoyed a yummy lunch - Mom had the fried chicken bowl and I had the gnocchi. 
We shared the dessert, which was not as good as the one we had last time. However, chocolate = good, so not complaining! 

We lingered over our coffees (decaf) and watched the traffic.
Yay, it must be nice to have your dog at work with you. 

Checking out the houseboats on the other side of the harbour. 
Mom noted she was nearly sight distance to her grandmother's former home, in James Bay. 

We noticed this monstrosity entering the harbour. 
What? It doesn't look so big! 

Let me give you a sense of scale. 
Airplane on the left, Zodiac in the middle, mega-yacht on the right. 

It's coming right at us! 
It dwarfs the tiny harbour ferry, and the whale-watching tour boat. 

It completely blocked our view, how rude! 
It's called the After Eight, and it's owned by a local guy who owns a bunch of car dealerships (you can read about it, including its specs, here, link 'cause I love). We watched the dude in the upper right as well as a couple of crew members go up and down the stairs and chat with the Harbour HQ guy. 

It's bigger than Boom + Batten! 
What an adventure! 

This seagull was above me.
Keeping an eye on things. 

More fun with perspective. 
Look at the tiny kayaker in the bottom right!

And a person in a rowboat! 
A reminder that we're all just bobbing along with the tides. 

And speaking of, the tide is now coming in.
Look how far! That was fast! 

Our heron friend is still there. 
They're probably taking food home to the nests in Beacon Hill Park. 

Mom and I liked this.
I dunno, I think my mind and heart are already pretty free. 

I'm so grateful for this time with my mom.
Happy Birthday, Helen! And Happy Mother's Day, Mom! 

Mom headed home and I walked to town and had a browse at the WIN store on Pandora Avenue. I found a couple of treasures. 
This is an immensely gorgeous piece and very small, unfortunately - it fits me...with a wide gap at the front, so I might try to style it with a band tee before I sell it. 

All these ruffles? 
I am dying over here. 

The most sumptuous fabric, and that is a WOVEN stripe. 
The light stripe is the back of it - what is this wondrous magic? Also, look at those seams - so fancy! 

Of course, it's Etro - ETRO! For $24.95.
A striped cotton shirt on their site right now is $700+. 

I could not say no to this absolutely wonderful pink suede and leather skirt. 
It has big slouchy pockets on the front! 

Such awesome detail. 
And that's my number one shade of pink. 

In case there was any doubt. 
The CA number look-up confirms the company, which was based in Vancouver.

Marquis! I have a black suede and leather jacket by them (this one here). 
I think this is also from the early 90s - and that $22.95 is a bargain! 

And now, my friends, I'm going to sign out for the weekend - please drop by on Sunday for tales of adventure. 
Enjoy a picture of my solar decorations on our deck. Isn't it pretty, all winking on as the sun goes down. 

Happy weekend! 


  1. Your boots are divine. Lise

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Helen! So apt that your birthday is on the same day as Mother’s Day! The lace effect of your red top is pure delight and the vibrant color a winner along with the pattern of your pants that look quite comfortable. And yippee for the two of you…the sun was bursting at its seams in joint celebration with you. ☀️

    Sheila, your outfit colors are like Easter and Spring rolled into one! The earrings must be reflective because I initially processed them as “oh cool, one green and one yellow” but then saw they are neither. The pink skirt is a great find and, given its material, I’m guessing it will have a fall or winter debut in your wardrobe. The detail and shape of the pockets is a bonus!

    With appreciation for your solar decorations (where is Vizzini?) and another round of Happy Birthday Helen, here’s to a glorious weekend!
    Cheers, Laurie

    1. He sleeps a lot these days, so not as many photo ops.

  3. Happy Birthday Helen is a song by Aussie band Things of Stone and Wood. Give it a listen.

    1. Just listened, thanks for the heads up. Helen, what fun to have a birthday song just for you. :)

      Cheers, Laurie

  4. Happy birthday to your mother. She looked lovely as did you. The dress is a keeper. I also like the high-low of the dress. Charming pattern. The boots, fantastic as they may be, puzzle me. Sleeveless to me means HOT weather and boots mean to me COLD weather.

  5. First of all, the happiest of birthdays to your Mom!
    I'm swooning over your outfit, which I think is utter perfection and, as always, I loved accompanying you both on your adventures.
    Both the skirt and the Etro shirt are fabulous finds, what a shame the shirt gapes at the front, though. I've got a shirt with a similar situation but was able to hide the gap as it's got a very voluptuous pussy bow ...
    Your deck looks very atmospheric and super cozy with those solar lights! xxx

  6. Your looks are all so fun. I must say the fun you have with your shoes and accessories are my favorite. Have a beautiful day.

  7. Happy Birthday to your Mom!
    The dress and your green boots are perfect for a day floating around by the harbour. Breath taking photos by the way! There's nothing quite as uplifting as blue sky and water (apart from maybe a chocolate dessert).
    Love your solar light collection. Magical!


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