Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Neon Bookends and Birds, and a Cat

Ugh, the first day back after a long weekend is always the hardest.
I needed some major Colour Therapy today! 

  • Silk blouse - Sam & Zoe, thrifted; last seen here in February under a Gaga jacket
  • Skirt - H&M, thrifted; first worn here in May with tiger stripes
  • Shoes - Mellow Bossa Nova, Fluevog; last seen here in May with a zebra jumpsuit

I'm casting a critical eye on what's still unworn in my closet for the spring/summer season, even though I still have two full months to go.
 This neon orange blouse hadn't had an outing yet - but it's a keeper. 

It's silk and a classic cut.
I also like that I have bookends in these neon orange shoes. 

Sneaking in another wearing of this blue skirt that I thrifted in the spring. 
I like the birds in the pattern. 

Masked up.
Matchy! Also deploying the deep pockets of the skirt. 

It wasn't anywhere near as hot today as it was on the weekend - we get a lot of wind here, which cools things off. 

A few skulls to keep people at bay. 

The stuff: 
I startled a gentleman in the elevator today - he was quite taken with the brightness of my shoes. 

Blue bling: 
I didn't really need the belt, but it's fun to twirl the end of it. 

  • Belt - vintage 70s, Mom's
  • Pendant - Britain, consignment
  • Earrings - consignment, Vancouver
  • Fulvia Ring/lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes

A few pictures of Vizzini. This is from last night - he was too hot to prowl and yowl for his treats, so he flopped and watched me in the reflection of that cabinet. 
"The Woman will never know I'm looking at her!"

This is from earlier yesterday, while I was working on Mica's bag out on the deck. 
He has no feet! We call this "loaf position" as he looks like a loaf of bread. Loaf of Cat! 

He's getting cranky here for his dinner, as I'm ignoring his pokes. 
When he was a tiny kitten, he chewed the lenses of those glasses! 


  1. I'm hearing you on going back to work after a long weekend, and needing all the colour. I'm sure the pops of bright neon orange were a great help. Those shoes really are fantastic, although I can imagine that they startled this unsuspecting gentleman :-)
    The loaf is a classic cat position, and a very apt description of it too! Bess is obsessed with our glasses, but loves chewing the temples not the lenses fortunately. xxx

    1. I know you get that, Ann - thanks. I love the shoes, but it's a very bright neon. I'm sure it startles a few people!

      It totally is (followed by bun/curled up and flop-cat)! Oh no, naughty Bess!

  2. I smiled thinking about elevator man. Pup jumped in bed with us due to stormy weather. Pets rule when they're cranky.

    1. Aw, that's sweet, poor Puppers! Lol, I bet that guy told everyone he saw - "neon shoes!"

  3. Vizzini’s expression in the last photo is priceless! Reminds me of my granddaughter when I’ve said something not necessarily to her liking or that sounds like I’m from another planet. Of course, then I start laughing and, most times, her expression turns into laughter too. :)

    Meant to note a few posts back that your Spanish Ladies dress is one I always oogle over and appreciate.

    Cheers, Laurie

    1. He has such an expressive face/body/tail. We always know exactly what he's thinking!

      Thanks so much, Laurie - I adore that dress.

  4. OUr cat was out yesterday eating a bird and the grandkids were fascinated. Gross but I got a blow by blow from Schmills about what body part she was on.

  5. That pendant is very impressive! Definitely could be magical!

    Poor Vizzini!

  6. I do love a nice cat loaf, all neat and tidy with no limbs or tail in sight!
    those shoes are so bright and fun, no wonder they got admired! xxx

    1. I know, right - all ready for the slicing! Thanks, Vix!

  7. I love the orange and blue together - it's a colour combination I really don't wear enough and I agree a nice colourful outfit is a much needed mood-booster for returning to work after some lovely time off on a long weekend!

    1. I love orange and blue together - it's a great combo. Thanks so much, Mica!


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