Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Digital Irises and Bigass Bling

 Getting in my annual wearing of this awesome dress. 
It's a fancy version of a Jammy Dress. It does all the work for me. 

  • Dress - Elie Tahari, consignment; last seen here in May 2021 with pink shoes
  • Shoes - Big Presence Earhart, Fluevog; last worn here in June with citrus brights
  • Coat (below) - Danier Leather, thrifted; last seen here in March

It's fully lined in neon green, with neon orange trim around the neck. 
The print is fine pastel stripes and digitally-manipulated images of irises, kind of like a kaleidoscope. 

It's a memorable dress, so I only wear it once a year. Well, I also have too many dresses...
I like to shake it up with different accessories/footwear, including pink shoes, orange and green bling and blue velvet boots. This is the second time I've worn it with these shoes.

More neon green around the exposed gold zip.
And in the kick-pleat. You can also see the "racing stripe" down the side there - both sides have it, of course. 

Masked up.
I also have nylons on.

A COAT. In August. 
It barely climbed above 20 today. It was also windy - it's Leather Weather! Love this deep cobalt blazer, likely from the early 00s.

The last time I wore this dress, I thought my vintage Lanvin scarf (this one) was the perfect match. Nope, this one is! I stroked the soft silk and crooned, "My beauty," when I put it on...yes, I'm weird with my favourite things. 

The stuff: 
I bought this specific necklace out of a plethora of blingy baubles (all from the same previous owner) due to it being a perfect match for these lavender and mango shoes. Never again shall they part!

Badass bling:
This is not a necklace for the faint of neck! I had a ditch on the my nape and had to remind myself to enact good posture frequently as it weighed me down. However, GORGEOUS is what it is.

  • Necklace - J. Crew, consignment; purchased here for $23.99
  • Earrings - Weiss, vintage 60s, vintage fair
  • Smoky topaz/silver ring - Anneli Neumann, Sweden, vintage mall
  • Amethyst/silver ring - vintage mall

I picked out the smoky stones on the outer edge with the topaz ring, and was pleased at how the champagne-coloured crystals in the vintage earrings went with it. Expect to see all these worn together again too! 


  1. "...too many dresses..." -- That's a thing?!

  2. It's 20°C here today - I'm wearing a bikini!
    A girl can never have too many dresses and I know all about those necklaces not for the feint of neck, my tribal pieces often leave bruises! xxx

    1. Crazy weather we're all having! I would keep every dress I've ever owned...but I just can't make the space! I'm glad I'm not the only one who dares wear the heavy necklaces!

  3. Hi Sheila, back from Covid induced lethargy. Catching up and as usual enjoying your talent. Could that necklace match those shoes any better if it tried?! Love a jammy dress I have lost weight so am wearing dresses more now. So easy (of course not nearly as much effort put into my outfits as your dear self lol) by the way love the pic with the outerwear too, have enjoyed scrolling through your posts shazx

    1. Shaz, so good to see you - I'm sorry you had Covid! I love that you are enjoying jammy dresses - I bet you look amazing! Thank you so much for commenting. Take care, my friend!

  4. I can related to too many dresses, while at the same I agree with Vix and Ally that a girl can never have too many. My groaning wardrobe tends to disagree, but still!
    I can't get over the fact how great a match that necklace is to those wonderful shoes! xxx P.S. I'd love to have a barely 20°C day, even if I'd have to wear nylons :-)

    1. It's that balancing trick, Ann - only keep the really good dresses!

      I did buy it on purpose to match the shoes, lol. It's gotten hotter again - I think I just like complaining.

  5. And here I think wearing something different five of 7 days is switching things up. It's a fantastic dress.

  6. Amazing fabulous dress. And that necklace! Of course it matches shoes you already have. Wowzer!

  7. That is such a stunning dress, and I love that necklace with it and how well if matches the shoes! I really like the leather blazer with it as well - even if it is a shame you're having to layer up so much in summer!

  8. I’m late to the party having missed a whole slew of your posts from here forward to what I think is the second of your Mom Day Adventures. Our full house of family completely absorbed my attention during their final two weeks. As of yesterday they are all home safe and sound, and we are already missing them, Looking for something to perk up my spirits I wandered here and it is like finding an old friend!

    As you know and others have commented, your jammy dress is fabulous for the pattern, color, style, fit and delightful ease it provides for creating an outfit! And, as with so many of your outfits, it has me smiling. :)

    Cheers, Laurie

    1. So good to see you, Laurie! No worries, glad you had such a nice long visit with your family! Aw, so glad you dropped by. :)

      Thanks so much - I love an easy dress like this!


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